This document discusses the key changes and limitations of PHP 8 in EasyApache 4. PHP 8.0 is the most recent major version released by php.net. It provides a number of updates and improvements over previous versions of PHP.

PHP 8.0 is only available for systems that run CentOS 7 or newer.

For a complete list of changes, including the new features and any breaking changes, read PHP’s Upgrade Notes.

Benefits of PHP 8

PHP 8 includes the addition of the following features:

  • Support for Union types — Union types allow you to assign multiple types to a parameter, property, or return.
  • The Just in Time (JIT) compiler — The JIT compiler will compile parts of your code an runtime, in order to improve the response time of your web pages.
  • Named arguments — Named arguments allow you to assign a name to input data and call that in your code, rather than the the order of the argument.
  • Attributes — Attributes act as an annotation in your PHP code, which allows you to add meta data.

Currently unavailable in PHP 8

The following extensions and modules are not currently available for PHP 8:

Incompatible with PHP 8

The following software currently does not work with PHP 8. This list is not comprehensive.

  • DSO — cPanel & WHM does not support the DSO handler with PHP 8.
  • The XMLRPC extensions — This extension moved to PECL.
  • The JSON extension — This functionality is included in PHP 8 by default.

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