🟪 Villian: https://offs.ec/3NMXX1v
Windows & Linux backdoor generator and multi-session handler that allows users to connect with sibling servers (other machines running Villain) and share their backdoor sessions, handy for working as a team.

🟪 octosuite: https://offs.ec/3D5Kk7z
Framework for gathering open-source intelligence on GitHub users, repositories, and organizations.

🟪 MHDDoS: https://offs.ec/43Z3s2D
DDoS attack script with 56 methods.

🟪 Sandman: https://offs.ec/3D5KkV7
Works as a stager and leverages NTP to get and run an arbitrary shellcode from a pre-defined server.

🟪 God Genesis: https://offs.ec/3pk3Eup
C2 server purely coded in Python3 created to help red teamers and penetration testers.

🟪 psudohash: https://offs.ec/3NOM1fq
Password list generator for orchestrating brute force attacks. It imitates certain password creation patterns commonly used by humans, like substituting a word’s letters with symbols or numbers, using char-case variations, adding a common padding before or after the word, and more.

🟪 CloudFox: https://offs.ec/3D5KlIF
Gain situational awareness in unfamiliar cloud environments. This open-source command line tool helps penetration testers and other offensive security professionals find exploitable attack paths in cloud infrastructure.

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